Grin If You're Grey!

The legendary comedian George Burns (who lived to be 100) put it this way:

"You may get older, but you never have to get old."

The sound of roaring laughter can be a domino effect of joy, amusement, fun, pleasure -- and great health!

For seniors, humor and laughter have many great benefits: Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, elevates moods, enhances immune system and improves brain functioning. It also helps you build rapport with others, makes you more fun and playful, and keeps you young.

In this wonderful program, Joey teaches you how to stay healthy and feeling young with humor! One part stand-up, one part humorous lecture and one part audience interactivity - and lots of fun!

Grin If You're Grey is presented to seniors across America: The Greening of the Grey Conference, AARP groups, temples, churches, state conferences and county offices on aging!

The highlight is "Stories Alive: The Way We Laughed!" -- the audience shares their humorous life stories! War stories, marriage stories, family stories, growing up in America. All designed to make us laugh and make new friends. Better than any TV show!

Read what our clients have to say about Grin If You're Grey!

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